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On 05/17/18 02:38, lizhuoyao wrote:
> select virtio video also failed.
> order´╝Üvirt-install -n centos-gg -r 1024 --disk 
> centos-gg.img,format=qcow2,size=10 --cdrom 
> /home/lzy/CentOs-7-aarch64-Everything.iso --video virtio
>  failed: PCI controller at index 1 (0x01) has bus='0x01',but index must be 
> larger than bus.
> (I have tryed in other mail list....)

I've now tried the same command line on my aarch64 host, with the
addition of "--dry-run" (because I didn't want to create a new domain).
It succeeded.

In the thread starter, you mentioned "libvirt-3.2.0". (You didn't say
what virt-install version you were using.) I think aarch64 support in
that libvirt version may have been incomplete. My versions are:


I suggest upgrading your host OS.


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