On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 08:42:33AM -0700, John Fastabend wrote:
> Hi list,
> Hopefully not too off-topic for a dev list. I was reading through the
> 1.0 spec and also found Michael Tsirkin's talk from KVM forum around
> v1.1 of the spec. Looks like a good set of updates in the pipeline.
> I was interested to know what the timeline for releasing the 1.1 spec is
> if there is one. Or if there is other spec work going on somewhere that
> would be interesting to know as well.
> If this is in some FAQ that I missed or is general knowledge sorry for
> the noise
> Thanks,
> John

I don't think there's an agreed upon timeline. I think it's
a good idea to target finalizing the spec by end of year, then
start the standartization process.


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