SourceForge removed the ability for project admins to view/manage the
members of mailing lists, which was the final straw.  Given that there
is some cross-pollination between our projects and TigerVNC, and
TigerVNC is using Google Groups, I decided to do likewise with both
VirtualGL and TurboVNC.  You can join the new groups either using a
Google account (which gives you full access to the group from the web
interface) or a non-Google e-mail address (which gives you access to
post from e-mail only.)  Links for joining all of the groups can be
found here:

(Note that you have to be logged in with a Google account in order to
join with that account.)

To unsubscribe from the old lists, visit one or more of the following URLs:

The direct addresses for e-mailing the new groups are:

Other notes:
-- If you join with a non-Google e-mail address, Google makes you go
through a really annoying Turing test.  I apologize in advance for that.
-- The old mailing lists will be retained on SourceForge for archival
purposes, but they are no longer linked from our SourceForge project
pages.  To view the archives, visit the links on and (see above.)
-- The new mailing lists have already been added to
-- The new lists are public (anyone can join or view the messages), but
the subscriber lists are visible only to me.
-- As with the existing lists, only members can post (and only I can
post to the announcement lists.)
-- The new lists are configured such that your Google profile will not
be revealed if you post.  Only your chosen display name will be shown.

-- If a topic is specific to TurboVNC and does not necessarily involve
VirtualGL, then please use one of the TurboVNC lists to discuss that topic.
-- We also have a Facebook group (
and a LinkedIn group ( that
receive release announcements.  You can also use those groups to post
questions and concerns.

Please e-mail me directly ( or
post a GitHub tracker issue
( or should you have any
questions, concerns, or problems subscribing to the new lists.

The old lists will be closed to new messages shortly, so please transfer
your subscriptions immediately.


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