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> Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 11:22:36PM CET, losewe...@gmail.com wrote:
> [...]
>>>> No, that's not what I was talking about of course. I thought you
>>>> mentioned the upgrade scenario this patch would like to address is to
>>>> use the bypass interface "to take the place of the original virtio,
>>>> and get udev to rename the bypass to what the original virtio_net
>>>> was". That is one of the possible upgrade paths for sure. However the
>>>> upgrade path I was seeking is to use the bypass interface to take the
>>>> place of original VF interface while retaining the name and network
>>>> configs, which generally can be done simply with kernel upgrade. It
>>>> would become limiting as this patch makes the bypass interface share
>>>> the same virtio pci device with virito backup. Can this bypass
>>>> interface be made general to take place of any pci device other than
>>>> virtio-net? This will be more helpful as the cloud users who has
>>>> existing setup on VF interface don't have to recreate it on virtio-net
>>>> and VF separately again.
> How that could work? If you have the VF netdev with all configuration
> including IPs and routes and whatever - now you want to do migration
> so you add virtio_net and do some weird in-driver bonding with it. But
> then, VF disappears and the VF netdev with that and also all
> configuration it had.
> I don't think this scenario is valid.

We are talking about making udev aware of the new virtio-bypass to
rebind the name of the old VF interface with supposedly virtio-bypass
*post the kernel upgrade*. Of course, this needs virtio-net backend to
supply the [bdf] info where the VF/PT device was located.


>>> Yes. This sounds interesting. Looks like you want an existing VM image with
>>> VF only configuration to get transparent live migration support by adding
>>> virtio_net with BACKUP feature.  We may need another feature bit to switch
>>> between these 2 options.
>>Yes, that's what I was thinking about. I have been building something
>>like this before, and would like to get back after merging with your
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