On 2018年04月11日 10:35, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
  * Rebased onto net/master and resolved conflict [DaveM]

  * Rewrote the conditional to make the vq access check clearer [Linus]
  * Added Patch 2 to make the return type consistent and harder to misuse 

The first patch fixes the vhost virtqueue access check which was recently
broken.  The second patch replaces the int return type with bool to prevent
future bugs.

Stefan Hajnoczi (2):
   vhost: fix vhost_vq_access_ok() log check
   vhost: return bool from *_access_ok() functions

  drivers/vhost/vhost.h |  4 +--
  drivers/vhost/vhost.c | 70 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
  2 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)

Acked-by: Jason Wang <jasow...@redhat.com>

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