Having installed the ODS framework on Virtuoso 6.1.8, I am experimenting
with creating an OAuth application.

Unless I am mistaken, an OAuth application is linked to a user-level and
not on Virtuoso itself.
This makes things a bit hard in cases where registration is open to the
public and I want to allow my external application to use OAuth (see below
This results in having to manually generate a token and a secret for each

In other words, after a user has been created:

1) the user is assigned to the role type "SQL/ODBC and WebDAV"
2) The user must visit https://<cname>:<port>/oauth and select the SPARQL
application to generate his personal token and secret

Step #1 can be automated by updating column u_dav_enable within table
sys_users to 1
I haven't found a process that automates step #2.

Any feedback is more than welcome!

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