I would like to have your opinion on the following:

I installed Virtuoso Enterprise on a Windows VM with:
8 cores

I attached virtuoso configuration file.

On virtuoso I have a local RDF Table with 8221 triples and a remote MS SQL 
Azure with 50 million records. A record is simply an id, param1 and param2, 
with (id and param1) as a composite primary key.
I have the following query:

Select ?id ?param1 ?param2 {
               Select ?id ?param1 ?param2 FROM 
 Where {
[] <http://localhost:8890/schemas/sqldb50m/id> ?id;
<http://localhost:8890/schemas/ sqldb50m 
/param1<http://localhost:8890/schemas/%20sqldb50m%20/param1>> ? param1;
<http://localhost:8890/schemas/ sqldb50m /param2 
<http://localhost:8890/schemas/%20sqldb50m%20/param2%20> > ? param2.
filter (?param1 < 5)
SELECT DISTINCT (strafter(str(?id1), "#") AS ?trimId) from 
?server qt:hasId ?id1. //returns 42 ids
filter( ?trimId = ?id)

The query is expected to return 1 million record result.
I initiated the query yesterday through iSQL, it is still running since, more 
than 12 hours. On the Windows VM, the task manager shows that Virtuoso consumes 
10 GB of RAM and less then 5% of CPU.
On the MS SQL monitoring tool, you can notice the load is constant using only 
10% of the CPU and 10% of the DTU.

Any recommendations to improve the performance?

Thank you
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