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I note your Virtuoso build is a 07.20.3214 build from early 2016 , whereas the latest builds are 3219, available from:

thus I would suggest compiling and building from this latest archive and rerun the query to see if the problem persists ...

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On 22 Aug 2017, at 12:12, Raul Palma <rpa...@man.poznan.pl> wrote:

I found a similar issue in my virtuoso to the one described in this thread: https://www.mail-archive.com/virtuoso-users@lists.sourceforge.net/msg07127.html
I have a large dataset with complex shapes (only polygons and multipolygons).
Virtuoso 42000 Error GEO..: for after check of geo intersects, some shape types (e.g., polygon rings and curves) are not yet supported
However, It does not seem to be unsupported shape.I have only Polygon and Mulipolygon in the datasets. 
For instance this query (with a rectangular polygon), returns error:
  ?geometry geo:asWKT ?x .
  FILTER(bif:st_intersects (?x, bif:st_geomFromText("POLYGON((16.292724609375 50.6472835493678,21.434326171875 50.6472835493678,21.434326171875 49.768404561217075,16.292724609375 49.768404561217075,16.292724609375 50.6472835493678))"))) .
limit 10
If I shrink slightly the query polygon from the left side: 16.292724609375 to 16.380615234375, it works. 
  ?geometry geo:asWKT ?x .
  FILTER(bif:st_intersects (?x, bif:st_geomFromText("POLYGON((16.380615234375 50.6472835493678,21.434326171875 50.6472835493678,21.434326171875 49.768404561217075,16.380615234375 49.768404561217075,16.380615234375 50.6472835493678))"))) .
limit 10
If I query the area corresponding to the difference it works as well. 
Do you have an idea what is the problem?
Thanks in advance,
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