Dear community,

I want to see how the built-in Virtuoso Open Source HTTP SPARQL client (the
one that responds when you type http:://servername:8890/sparql) is
implemented and evaluate the possibilitly to change it. I haven't found any
documentation about it but I discovered anyway that it's implemented in
Virtuoso PL language and it's source code is in github here.

The source code contains tens of PL procedures, like the following two.

    in params any,
    in ini_dflt_graph varchar,
    in def_qry varchar,
    in timeout integer,
    in debug integer,
    in log_debug_info integer,
    in save_mode integer,
    in dav_refresh varchar,
    in explain_report varchar)
    declare can_cxml, can_pivot, can_qrcode, can_sponge integer;

create procedure DB.DBA.SPARQL_RSET_XML_WRITE_NS (inout ses any)
  --http ('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\n', ses);
  http ('<sparql xmlns=""; xmlns:xsi=""; xsi:schemaLocation="";>', ses);

All of them are stored in the DB and WS schemas. If I search for these
procedures in the "Procedures" folder of DB and WS Virtuoso schemas I do
not see any of them.
Even the table DB.DBA SYS_PROCEDURES that seems to contain all the
installed stored procedures do not contain them. Yet this code shoud be
somewhere in Virtuoso since the client responds when I type

Does this mean that such code is hidden and / or impossible to change?

Can anyone unvail the mistery?

I have used VOS Version 07.20.3217 for Windows

Thanks a lot in advance!


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