I wish also to clarify - I won't have blank nodes in any of the graphs I am 
considering, at least for now.

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I am seeking to develop a new way to load updated/changed data into my Virtuoso 
graph.   The current way I use involves a lot of churn - I load an NTriples 
file representing the data into an updates graph, and I delete all old triples 
and copy all new triples if the subject (owl:Thing) appears in the old graph at 
all.   I also mark all subjects that exist in the old graph as "inactive" if 
they no longer appear in the incoming data, but I do not delete them.

I just noticed that rdflib (A python package), includes logic to compare two 
graphs, which can  be constructed from a query such as DESCRIBE/CONSTRUCT.   It 
also has an implementation of a graph checksum logic based on the following 
paper http://www.hpl.hp.com/techreports/2003/HPL-2003-235R1.pdf

Does Virtuoso have a way to check that one graph is the same as another, or 
whether two query solutions are the same?

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Office of Computer and Communications Systems,
National Library of Medicine, NIH

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