Hello everyone.

Normally, when you install virtuoso-opensource you're interactively asked a
password for DAV and DBA users. Is there a way to provide this password as
a command line parameter when running the install command, or to provide it
through a file which is read automatically at installation time? In a
nutshell, I'm looking for a way to provide the required password in a
non-interactive way. Ideally, I'd like to do something like:
"sudo apt-get install virtuoso-opensource --dav-dba-password <password>".

The reason I want this is that I'm trying to build a docker image with
virtuoso-opensource installed and with Ubuntu 12.04 as the base image.
One way to do this is to create a blank Ubuntu 12.04 container, log into
it, install virtuoso on it manually, and then use "docker commit" to create
an image with virtuoso installed. I'd prefer to do everything using only a
Dockerfile (no docker commit) though, but to do that I need to put in the
Dockerfile a single command that installs Virtuoso and provides the
password for the DAV and DBA users, which is usually asked interactively
during the installation. Is there a way to do what I want, or an
alternative that allows me to build a docker image with virtuoso installed
using only a Dockerfile?
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