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Attempting to follow the patterns on: https://medium.com/virtuoso-blog/http-read-write-operations-using-ldp-protocols-virtuoso-http-s-server-bdaa2736169f

I have an LDP Container http://my.server/LDP/Container1

in the SPARQL endpoint, the URI of the container is the named graph, typed as ldp:Container

I want to add metadata to that container.  I am guessing that I need to use PATCH and the sparql INSERT query, but I am constantly getting 409 errors (HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict: can not create resource if a collection with same name exists)

This is (excluding username/password) what my PATCH request looks like:

curl -v -g -X PATCH -ik -H "Content-Type: application/sparql-update:utf-8" -u user:pass --data-binary 'INSERT  {GRAPH <http://evaluations.fairdata.solutions/DAV/home/LDP/evals/> {<http://evaluations.fairdata.solutions/DAV/home/LDP/evals/> dc:creator "Marky" .}}' "http://evaluations.fairdata.solutions/DAV/home/LDP/evals/";

Hopefully the command makes it clear what I am trying to do. Clearly I am misunderstanding the problem :-)

Advice appreciated!


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