On 12/19/18 9:17 AM, Pasquale Di Donato wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to provide RDF on top of external relational tables (in
> Postgresql).
> So i guess i will have to use linked data views (and Virtuoso
> commercial edition): am i right?
> Are the linked data views dynamically synchronized with the relational
> database? I mean if something is changed in the (external) relational
> database, are these changes automatically available as RDF (via the
> views)?
> And can I configure more than 1 view?
> Any input will be appreciated,
> Many thanks,
> Pasquale

Hi Pasquale,

This is a very important post.

Would you be kind enough to open it up as a topic in our new community
discussion space [1] ?

I (or someone else) will answer it via the discussion topic category
created for this matter [2] :) 


[1] https://community.openlinksw.com/



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