I have several RDF/XML graph data file that I would like to load into
Each data file contains data from one row of a CSV spreadsheet.
All the data belongs to a single dataset hence I assume they should be
loaded into the same "graph"
I would like to load these data using curl via a batch script, what would
be the curl command for loading on of the files. Assume the url of my
Virtuoso instance is "http://localhost:8890"; and one of the RDF/XML file is
"/local/data/tmp/abc_1.rdf.xml and the graph name is "abc".

I have been looking at the documentation on Openlink Virtuoso server at "
http://docs.openlinksw.com/virtuoso/"; but could not find how to do the
above, perhaps I may have skipped over the loading of RDF/XML data over
HTTP. Or perhaps this question has already been answered, If so kindly
point me to the documentation where I can learn more on how to the above.

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