Hi all, I am trying to restore a database that i used the online backup. I have a folder that contains my backup files ( some 200 db files)

I try to restore them on an empty instance by using

$ sudo /opt/virtuoso-7.1.0/bin/virtuoso-t +restore-backup virt-inc_dump_#

but I am getting an error

    There is no configuration file virtuoso.ini.

The file virtuoso.ini does exists on the bin folder, and i can start it by just typing


if i am inside the bin folder, but not using

sudo /opt/virtuoso-7.1.0/bin/virtuoso-t -f
which gives me the same error.

I have read on the documentation that i need to be in the same folder where the bp files are stored, so when i cd to the virtuoso folder I am getting the following error

sudo ./virtuoso-t +foreground +restore-backup /home/rdfFilesPath/virt-inc_dump_# -f

Could not restore database using prefix /home/rdfFilesPath/virt-inc_dump_#

any help? thanks

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