> Dave,
> Sorry your message languished so long without a reply.

That's okay.  I appreciate the response.  Besides, I was out of the
office part of the time anyway.

> At 11:26 AM -0400 7/30/04, Dave Greenwood wrote:
> >VMS AXP 7.2-2
> >
> >I've been running perl v5.6.1 and decided to update to v5.8.1 using the
> >VMS Freeware distribution.  I'm trying to use the Net::DNS module, v0.47
> >which I downloaded from cpan and installed. 
> Interesting, as we just had a discussion over on the ITRC forum about
> getting this extension to build:
> http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=653158
> Did you get a warning about only building the pure Perl version?  If
> so, follow my instructions at the link above, rebuild, and reinstall.

I'm afraid I don't remember about whether I got the "pure Perl version"
warning.  However, I was getting several ptrmismatch warnings during
compilation and had the missing dn_expand problem talked about in that
thread.  I followed your instructions and got a clean build.  Thanks.
I have MultiNet so I modified your "perl makefile" command to:

  perl Makefile.pl "LIBS=-ltcpip$ipc_shr" --xs

I then did

  mmk clean
  mmk install

However, I still get the "Can't locate auto/Net/DNS/typesbyname.al"


> >So - what's a ".al" file?  It's not in the module package so what
> >creates it?
> It's part of a module that's been split off for more efficient
> loading by the autoloader.  That should get set up automatically
> during the build and install.  You might try explicitly making the
> pm_to_blib target and then reinstalling.
> $ mms pm_to_blib
> $ mms install

I tried the "mms pm_to_blib" (even with /force and /from_source) and
"mms install" but I still get the error.  I can't find any reference
in the descrip.mms files to any ".al" files.

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