The Virtual Network Computing technology is truly great. With millions
of users, it has also inspired numerous implementations and
projects. The Open Source license encourages sharing of code and ideas
and allows the community to make collective progress. Too many
different implementations, however, diverts development efforts and
the user base.

For the last six years, I have worked with the VNC community in
general and the TightVNC project in particular, encouraging
cooperation and unity. We have made great progress. When the TurboVNC
developer and Fedora VNC maintainer joined forces almost a year ago,
we believed we could take this technology to another level of success,
and accelerate development.

Recently, however, it has became clear that the TightVNC project
cannot support this development. This is why we are now announcing the
TigerVNC project. The project is based on the TightVNC /trunk source
tree. Although our target audience might be slightly different
compared to TightVNC, we aim to deliver a high performing, stable and
generic VNC implementation. We will continue to support multiple
platforms: Windows, Linux, and Java. Support for the latest generation
of X.Org is already in place.

Additionally, our aim to merge enhancements from the TurboVNC project,
initially developed by the VirtualGL project.  Cendio AB will sponsor
this effort.

It might seem wrong to create another VNC fork when we have unity in
mind. But in practice, the TightVNC project was forked four years ago,
when the /trunk source tree was created. The core TightVNC team mainly
work in other branches. No release of TightVNC has been based on the
/trunk source code and no real effort on merging the different
branches has been done. Continuing the development of the /trunk
branch as a separate project helps us making progress. For example, we
can now use a Bazaar style development model.

The TigerVNC implementation will be included in the upcoming Fedora 11
release and the ThinLinc 3.0.0 software. For more information about
the TigerVNC project, please visit

Peter Estrand, Cendio AB

On behalf of:
Pierre Ossman, Cendio AB
Adam Tkac, Red Hat, Inc.
DRC, TurboVNC maintainer

Peter Estrand           ThinLinc Chief Developer
Cendio AB     
Wallenbergs gata 4
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