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I have a friend of mine that works for a work from home company and 
she has a concern. I believe I know the answer but she is concerned 


server, that they are able to see her laptops desktop as well.

Thank you


Assuming that the VNC server at your friend's workplace is compiled 
from standard code, she need not worry that her employer can see 
her desktop.  That said, the code is open-source, and there is 
nothing to prevent them from modifying the source of vncviewer, 
which can already act as a server, to allow the employer to snoop 
on her.  Were I in her position and worried about it, I would get a 
copy of the standard vncviewer and use that instead.  If the 
employer distributes the standard version, they wouldn't notice 
(unless they check timestamps or something should they ever get 
access to my computer); since it would be the standard 
distribution, they wouldn't be able to snoop.  if they complained 
that I wasn't using the code they gave me, OTOH, that would pretty 
much confirm that what they gave me wasn't standard, and they 
*were* snooping on my desktop.

My two cents worth; HTH!

                                        Thx, Phil Long

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