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On Mon, 14 May 2012, Long, Phillip GOSS wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Apr 2012, Mike Miller wrote:


Thanks, Phillip.  On my system, it seems that 
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc calls /etc/X11/Xsession and there is no 
~/.xinitrc file.

Suppose I make it so that /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc doesn't start X11. 
 I guess I would then see a console window after booting.  Can I 
just run vncserver :1, say, from there, then run vncviewer from 
that console?  It just seems like that would fail because I don't 
have a graphical interface.  How can vncviewer run without a 

By the way, I have been running Xvnc on :1 for years without any 
failures (that's RealVNC Free).  It ran once for something like 500 
days on Solaris.  It's really the same on Ubuntu -- no failures -- 
but I happen to have the machine in a place where the power 
sometimes goes out and that has limited me to only about 200 days 
of uninterrupted uptime.



Once again, I have to emphasize that I am *not* an expert, nor have 
I ever used Xvnc, so I'm just going by what I have ready over the 
years; unfortunately, I can't tell U off-hand where I happened to 
read these things, other than to say that it was most likely on the 
RealVNC website.

I poked around on the RealVNC website a bit, and on the page
it says that there is an X server built into the vncserver.  It 
also shows one case in which U want to have more than one X server 
(running one or more copies of "vncserver").  In fact, much to my 
surprise, it also shows that U can attach "vncserver" to an 
already-existing X server.  I didn't know U could do that!

"vncserver" is an X server, with its own "display;" U work with it 
by setting the DISPLAY environment variable to the appropriate 
value (:1, :2.0, :0.1, etc.), just like U do with X11.  It will 
work with your default window manager, or U can use a different one 
(changed in ~/.vnc/.something-or-other).  If U modify xinitrc, U 
would change it to launch "vncserver" instead of "X;" as a general 
rule, I try Really Hard not to change system-wide stuff, but in 
this case, I'm not sure how to implement Xvnc in user-mode.  If my 
understanding is correct, your X server would then be running on 
display :0.0.  Since this would be a system-wide change, all users 
on the system would experience this change.  So long as they 
interact with the X server using their window manager (which 
everybody does), they probably wouldn't notice any change (any 
differences would probably mean that one X server or the other had 
a bug, or was making an alternate assumption about something).  
Running "vncserver" as your primary X server would have the 
advantage of allowing anybody who connected your machine to see 
your desktop, just like it works on MSWindows; of course, working 
like MS Windows is not always seen as an advantage!

                                        Thx, Phil Long

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