Hello everyone,
A few months ago I started using VNC in order to access my office computer from 
my Iphone 4. Since I have started using it, I have noticed that at times my 
command prompt opens up all of a sudden and it starts executing some commands 
that I have not entered. Also, today I noticed another peculiar occurrence that 
drove me to seek for help: Last night I accessed my computer though VNC, after 
using it, I closed the ios app and went to sleep, and today morning when I 
started using my office computer, I accidentally pressed ctrl+v instead of 
ctrl+c while trying to copy some text and what I noticed was that a message I 
had sent on my phone a few days ago appeared on screen!
I was taken aback as to how a message sent on my phone found its way onto my 
computer's copy paste buffer. Immediately I cleared the buffer and tested to 
see if VNC is the problem. I accessed my computer through the VNC app on my 
phone and disconnected. When I checked the buffer again by typing "clipbrd" in 
the command prompt, it contained a message that I had sent on my phone earlier 
that day!
What the heck is going on?? Is it bug in VNC?? Has my system been comprimised? 
I don't understand... Can anyone tell me how to stop this!!
Note, I have paid for the app in my phone and runs the latest ios, and on my 
system the VNC server is free, hence it only supports unencrypted 
communication. My ESET smart security does not register any form of malware and 
is updated with the latest signature.
Please, can anyone tell me what to do?
Thanks in advance and regards,
Weary Traveller
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