I have a Kindle Fire with CyanogenMod (Android version 4.2.1) and a Saumsung/Google Nexus 4 also running Android 4.2.1. It looks like I can get a terminal and bash running easily enough. I think I get ssh running in bash, but not sure yet about port forwarding.

I see that the Google Play store has an android-vnc-viewer (free) and a RealVNC viewer ($9.99). The former is produced by "androidVNC team + antlersoft" and the latter by RealVNC Limited.

I would be very happy to send $10 to the RealVNC folks after all they've done for me. I mean 15 years of using the free version, and relying on their help on this list, I've really ripped them off! It's the least I could do in return.

Has anyone been using either/both of these Android-based VNC viewers? I especially want to be able to run it in an ssh tunnel -- have any of you done that on Android?


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