On 18/02/2013 17:49, Long, Phillip GOSS wrote:

Is version 4.1.3 of the free edition of RealVNC incompatible with
the Enterprise edition (4.6.1, I believe)?  We have a customer
running the Enterprise edition on a machine which we would like to
be able to reach, but we keep getting the "10060" error message.  I
have never tried to connect to the Enterprise edition before, so I
didn't expect this.  Has the protocol changed, or is the connection
just being refused?

                                        Thx, Phil Long

10060 is time out (so refused), more likely a port forwarding problem. Enterprise Edition just makes additional features available provided an EE client is used, from vague memories many years ago I think connected to an Enterprise server with the standard client OK in the past. However you can download the Enterprise client standalone from the RealVNC web site if that's all you need, that doesn't require a licence.


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