Used RealVNC years ago for work without any problems on another computer. 

Fast forward 5 years, now that I am retired and I cannot get the Server to 
connect via the internet. I get the following error messages on BOTH computers 
even though I used CanYouSeeMe to verify that port 5900 can be accessed over 
the web and both computers passed that test . Both laptops use static IP. 

VNC Server appears to be behind a NAT router with IP address . 
You will need to configure that router to forward port 5900 to this computer 
before you can connect to VNC Server over the Internet 

One PC is Windows Vista and my computer is Windows 7. All I wanted to do is 
access my friend's laptop when he needed help but seems I am the one needing 

I verified that his Viper Firewall allowed 5900 to pass as does my AVAST . 

I tried both laptops at his house via his LAN and RealVNC worked perfectly but 
again neigher RealVNC Server can connect via the internet. 
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