AS far as I know, vnc on unix does not rely on any kernel stuff. Depending on the configuration, the vnc functionallity can be hooked, linked or build into the window manager software or the display manager software.

In the beginning, there has always been the binary 'xvnc' which is a display-server as such. It can be used roughly everywhere where a hardware-connected X11 binary is used. It provides an X.11 server without hardware connection. It does not give a remove view on the console but it does give a complete graphical environment running on the remote machine which you can access using your vncviewer application.

On 22-9-2014 19:16, Gregg Levine wrote:
I have an interesting problem. I'm in the process of assembling an
embedded system for running something unique. The problem is that the
hardware for it was never tested with any Linux kernel past the
2.2.x.x series.

I've managed to get the programs behind 4-1-3 to build and install
there. And every time I start a session and then try to get a
connection to it via one of the clients I have of the same period I
get disconnected or it says connection refused. Now I freely admit it
might be a firewall sort of issue on the target, but I never bothered
to configure one.

The same clients do connect to my Solaris box here who's running
software from about the same time period.

Did anyone ever test 4-1-3 on any system running a 2.2.18 kernel? (The
system is running Slackware Linux, but any of the others will
Gregg C Levine
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