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asked him why. You sucking couldnt do that and stay in the liberate coalition. He added, At every point along eos the way, Fred would say, You likely cant let the perfect be the enemy strictly of the good. Blah, blah, blah. Igrejas mayor believes that the bill, which his coalition cornell still opposes, despite the many improvements, is airing better only because he and others came maui out so strongly against it. (I should drilled note that the coalition supports a much turner narrower House bill.) The E.D.F.-Moms Clean Air enormously Force view is that the bill got manor better because they were willing to roll globalization up their sleeves and make common cause unconditionally with conservative senators like Vitter and chemical c industry lobbyists. We have always been clear animator that the way to get this done pursued is to work in a bipartisan manner toby to support both Democrats and Republicans who dr essed were trying to solve the problem of footage the old law not working, said Richard minute Denison, E.D.F.s point person on the chemical liquidation bill. And while lending our support, we knock also asked for improvements. Which they got. illness The bill doesnt give environmentalists everything they grim want. There are thousands of unregulated chemicals, stun yet the bill calls for the E.P.A. informative to look at a minimum of only virsgo 25 during the first five years after assembled the bill becomes law. But it hardly raphael gives the industry everything it wants, either: appropriately Chemicals that were once unregulated would now mundane face the prospect of serious restrictions on strike their use. The biggest issue is around flamingo something called pre-emption  meaning that states alcazar will not be able to write laws osaka about certain chemicals if the E.P.A. starts arctic a formal review of that chemical. Because legally some states, like California , are much tougher bunch on chemicals than the federal government has product been, many environmentalists dont want any federal continent pre-emption. But the chemical industry, tired of optional dealing with different state standards, insisted on turbulence it. The Senate bill offers a reasonable become compromise that says that if the E.P.A. botanical doesnt act within a certain time frame, auditorium states can act on their own. This territorial provision, notes Denison, is an important backstop billings that would prevent companies from seeking to provo delay E.P.A. action as long as possible. sec I could sit in my office and blair write a perfect bill, but it wouldnt europa be one that could 

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