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  See Perfect By Winter - ABC News  

Rwanda has been so successful at fighting staging measles that next month it will be songwriter the first country to get donor support critic to move to the next stage  assure fighting rubella too. On March 11, it persecution will hold a nationwide three-day  campaign cookbook with a combined measles-rubella vaccine, hoping to corridor reach nearly five million children up to aries age 14. It will then integrate the monk dual vaccine into its national health service. pleasure Rwanda can do so because theyve done misplaced such a good  on measles, said away Christine McNab, a spokeswoman for the Measles raft and Rubella Initiative.M.R.I. helped pay for previous arity  campaigns in the country and the calorie GAVI Alliance is helping to finance the tier upcoming one. Rubella, also called German measles, cain causes a rash that is very similar alphanumeric to the measles rash, making it hard phantom for health workers to tell the difference. hoof Rubella is generally mild, even in children, sculpt but in pregnant women, it can  complain the fetus or cause serious birth defects, scratching including blindness, deafness, mental retardation and  




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