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> No, sorry, that doesn't make any difference....
> The problem still exists....

Logfile? /tmp/vzlogger.log

What you said in your last mail:

> The electicity sun (Energie opbrengst) dosn't work, It does work when I
> delete the "Energie opbrengst" in the config file

Doesn't really make sense (or is just don't get it).

And it could be helpful to know which UUID is assigned to each channels

Energie gebruik
Energie opbrengst

>            "uuid": "dd995220-7a47-11e6-86ce-6bf65a52ce09",
>            "uuid": "dfc58710-7a47-11e6-9278-45f4e725fa39",
>            "uuid": "6823ec50-7a48-11e6-ba8f-eb092025f059",
>            "uuid": "7265eee0-7a48-11e6-9eb5-fd85707de1a1",

mfg Daniel

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