Posted by Todd Zywicki:
Adoption of Pro-Choice Views:

   I know people who have always been pro-life or pro-choice and haven't
   changed their positions. I understand their logic there. I also know a
   lot of people who have gone from being pro-choice to pro-life, often
   prompted by having a child or a religious experience that causes them
   to come to believe that a fetus is essentially a child. I can
   understand the logic there too.

   But I've never met (or at least talked to) anyone who has gone from
   being pro-life to pro-choice. I am sure there are people who have done
   so (I'm not including politicians who have done so for political
   expediency). If there are any readers out there who have made this
   migration (there must be), I'd be interested in hearing how that
   transition came about. In particular, what arguments did you find
   persuasive in changing your view on the morality of the issue?

   Interestingly, when I search on Google, I find numerous pages on "How
   I became pro-life" and very little on "How I became pro-choice."

   Although this is the blogosphere, I'm looking for serious
   introspection here, as I'm trying to understand how thoughtful and
   morally-serious people think about this question.

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