Posted by Orin Kerr:
Joined the Defense in *United States v. Lori Drew*:

   I have blogged before about the remarkable case of United States v.
   Lori Drew, the so-called "MySpace suicide" case, in which the
   government is claiming that it is a federal crime to violate Internet
   Terms of Service. At the time, I had explained why I thought the
   prosecution was terribly misguided, and I mentioned that I had
   provided some informal advice to the defense.
     In the last two weeks, I have gone one step further: I have formally
   joined Dean Steward, counsel for Lori Drew, as Drew's co-counsel. My
   participation is pro bono, based on my strong sense that the
   government's theory of the case poses a very real threat to civil
   liberties online. (Check out [1]my 2003 article on the Computer Fraud
   and Abuse Act to see why.)
     In any event, I don't plan to blog much about the case, but I did
   want to post some of the recently-filed legal documents in the case
   and just mention my involvement. The documents are below.
     1. [2]Defense's Court Ordered Supplement to Motions, filed October
     2. [3]Government's Response to Court's September 23 Inquiry, filed
   October 6.
     3. [4]Defense's Reply to Government's Response to Pre-Trial
   Conference Order, filed October 20.



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