Posted by Todd Zywicki:
Digitized Brains:

   [1]Kenneth's post reminds me of a conversation I once had with Robert
   Nozick. I was at a week-long conference that Nozick happened to be at.
   Pete Boettke and I were sitting at lunch with Nozick one day and
   finally Pete asks, "Have you ever seen 'The Matrix'?" And Nozick says,
   "No, why?" And Pete proceeds to explain how the Matrix is essentially
   Nozick's experience machine from Anarchy, State, and Utopia made into
   a movie. I don't know whether Nozick ever ended up seeing the movie,
   but he did seem intrigued (I have no idea whether the makers of The
   Matrix had read Nozick).

   As an aside, Nozick struck me as probably the smartest person I ever
   met. Utterly brilliant.



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