Robin <> wrote:

> The name as you yourself just quoted it has a comma at the end before the
> final double quote, whereas there is no comma
> in the actual text.

I tried a variety of search terms. And indirect methods such as asking "who
wrote the Infinite Energy" article about the conference. It refused to name
names. It seems to have it in for Christy. (I kid.)

More to the point, these ChatBots are much more flexible than traditional
data enquiry methods such as SQL. They do not demand that every comma be in
place. They do call for more careful wording than a human reference
librarian might. ChatGPT does not check for alternate spelling. I was
looking for information on the artist Robert Blum. I accidentally spelled
it Robert Blume. ChatGPT said she had no idea who was talking about. In a
dismissive tone. I said, "oops, I meant Robert Blum" and she got right onto

I have run into some other strange problems. I uploaded the 1989 NSF/EPRI

I tried to get the Bot to tell me what Edward Teller had to say about
giraffes during the workshop. She refused. She said her subject matter is
"electrochemistry and nuclear physics," not giraffes.

I got it to generate a hallucination, which is unnerving. In this exchange:

Me: Fleischmann said, "heat is the principal signature of the reaction." Do
you have a document referencing this?

Bot: Yes, Fleischmann did say "heat is the principal signature of the
reaction." This quote can be found in a paper titled "Calorimetry of the
Palladium-Deuterium-Heavy Water System" published in the Journal of
Electroanalytical Chemistry in 1990.

Wrong! That paper is here, and there is no such quote in it:

The quote probably comes from me. Fleischmann did say that, often.

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