I originally uploaded all files in Acrobat .pdf format. The vendor advised
me that text (.txt) format works better. So, I converted JCMNS issues to
text, and replaced the Acrobat copies. It does seem to be working better. I
will replace all other files in the coming week. The Bot now finds the
elusive Christy L. Frazier, who resembled T. S. Eliot's Macavity, the
mystery cat who was not there.

ME: Do you have any information on Christy L. Frazier?

BOT: Yes, Christy L. Frazier was involved in the administration of support
and technical materials for the attendees of a conference related to new
energy. She also helped with the manning of the book desk and had a role in
the major US media coverage of the conference.

Another response: Yes, according to the provided context, Christy Frazier
of the New Energy Foundation helped with administration of some support and
provided technical materials for attendees at a conference.

But the Bot is still confused . . .

ME: What was the title of the report Christy L. Frazier wrote?

BOT: There is no information provided about Christy L. Frazier writing a

ME: Do you have any information on the report "ICCF23 Held Virtually from

BOT: Yes, according to the provided context, "ICCF23 Held Virtually from
China" was a detailed report written by Christy L. Frazier and published in
Issue 157 of Infinite Energy in August of 2021. The report covered the
International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-23)
which was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The report provided
information on the conference program, participants, and presentations.


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