ITER is bunch of crooks that enjoys wine & dine in south of France.

The physics behind ITER is just garbage and has been experimentally refuted since more than 5 years...You cannot contain a plasma at such high temperature due to radial instabilities - the same problem Randal Mills did face with his table top fusion machine (now called SUN-CELL) that still holds the wold record for >1 minute self sustained fusion...(with no radioactive garbage..)

Wire your MP's to stop all finances immediately  and convert ITER into a science Crooks museum.


On 17.06.2023 01:13, Robin wrote:
In reply to  Jed Rothwell's message of Fri, 16 Jun 2023 16:40:59 -0400:
Even so, Kathryn McCarthy , director of the U.S. ITER Project at Oak Ridge 
National Laboratory, testified to Congress
just this week that ITER’s “continued project progress shows us that it is 
possible to achieve engineering precision, at
the millimeter-scale, on ship-sized fusion components.”

One wonders what's going to happen to those precision components when liquid 
Helium causes them contract, and
temperatures of 100 million degrees causes them to expand?

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