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> Hi,
> You may recall that years ago, I suggested on this list that strained
> lattices might result in a preferential vibration
> direction for the atoms of the lattice (Bose condensate of phonons). That
> in turn leads to vibration primarily in a
> single plain. When that happens, ballistic conduction of electrons might
> be possible parallel to those vibration plains,
> since the passage of the electron would rarely be interrupted.
> [snip]
> >This story turns out to have been around the net for a long time
> >It appeared in the record as a compound named LK-99 = Lee-Kim (1999):
> >IOW - they discovered it nearly a quarter of a century ago.. makes one
> wonder if this post is not an odd troll
> >
> >Not to mention, an unreasonable time to isolate, confirm and cook up;
> patents filed in 2021, and granted in 2023—hence only now the public
> articles and trademark applications ... which likely means it is not robust
> or usable.and they are grasping at straws
> >
> >This according to Reddit
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