It's always interesting to question what is considered our standard point
of view even when it works so well.  Special Relativity is common sense in
my opinion and is why I would never give it up.   However, what always
bugged me was time and using it as a 4th dimension.  One of the concepts of
space-time that is the stuff of SCI-FI, is you could warp space-time in
such a way that the fabric of Space-Time could fold allowing for
fast-than-light travel (FLT).  The warping of space-time does require
extreme bending but in places like black holes, the event horizon provides
a great conceptual model of zero time.  It's what gives rise to concepts
like the Holographic Universe.

I recall on a thought experiment (exploring common sense) I was looking at
the concept of fractional dimensions. Like the Mandlebrot, but the question
I asked myself was, what would a fractional dimension look like if we
experienced one?   There has been a movie of the flat world (a 2D universe)
experiencing its interaction with a 3D world.  You know the circle forming
when viewing a 3d sphere interesting a plane.   So my thought experiment
was what if one and only one of the dimensions was fractional?   Normally
we think of dimensions as X,Y,Z and t, which act like a 4D index into space
(X,Y,Z) and time (t).  If you pick a space dimension like X, we can
envision it as a horizontal position in space.  What would it look like if
X was fractional?   Common sense would say that it would have a
boundary that is no longer an integer but could be limited to only a
direction forward (note forward is a reference to time).  However, from the
Flatworld POV, such a clipping of a dimension would be a dimension that can
only progress forward.

What if time was in reality a fraction dimension incapable of time
reversal?  Time as a fraction dimension could not move backward.  From our
perspective, time is an arrow, a ray, but what if that is what the 4th
dimension is?  A fractional dimension.   When you look at special
relativity from that perspective, things make a little more sense
conceptually.  It really makes the Holographic Universe concept seem even
more profound.

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