Plasma jets from black holes are ejected up to 60c relative to our motion. Thus I would be modest and concede that we humans still lack the knowledge to fully understand what can happen with matter.


On 28.11.2023 20:11, Robin wrote:

Given that it can't have come from deep space, it must have been created 
locally. Since nothing local is capable of
generating such high energy fundamental particles, a small piece of plasma from 
the Sun, rather than a single particle,
seems probable.

Cosmic rays are detected with multiple detectors all being triggered at the 
same time, and the assumption is made that
the concurrent arrival of multiple lower energy particles is too unlikely. 
However the Sun emits bits of plasma
frequently, so it's not inconceivable that a tiny plasma cloud arrives all at 
the same time.

In short the high energy is due to multiple particles arriving concurrently, 
not due to a single high energy particle.

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