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Here is my translation of several tidbits in a thread in the Italian web forum energeticambiente.it where Roy Virgilio (nicknamed here eroyka. He attended Saturday's LENR talk in Viareggio) will report as time passes news about Piantelli's work. I recommend to bookmark that page as it will be probably frequently updated.

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- Recently, old cells that worked continuously for months have been turned on again. After some maintenance, they turned on easily and quickly with some excess energy and the old "fuel", but they haven't been "pushed" yet to high excess energy levels.

- New cells with the new fuel haven't been completed yet (estimated 2 months left).

- Project development is going well and accelerating in progress. There are proposals of a joint work with a big USA firm that had the opportunity of staying at Piantelli's laboratories for 3 days. Agreements with important industrial firms to develop generators of various power levels are also being made.

- Development will be performed in increasing power steps. The first new cell to be turned on will be of a few hundreds of watts in power. Once extensively tested and pushed, after everything will be under control and with clear, safe and controllable behavior, higher power levels (in the orders of kW) will be attempted, and then, when again everything will be clarified, greater ones will be.

- On a theoretical perspective (Piantelli has a mathematical theory which doesn't require exotic reactions, but that can be explained by current physical laws and mathematics) protons of 6-7 Mev energy have been confirmed (in a cloud chamber), which allow for good likelihood of interaction with nickel particles; a semi-complete theory is about to be published as an internal document in the University of Siena. The complete theory will be probably disclosed after the initial devices will be commercially sold.

- NichEnergy S.R.L is a startup company of Piantelli and his investors, from which other ones will be created and will offer the chance to make agreements for further developments and commercial opportunities.

- [NichEnergy S.R.L.??] will be a publicly held company and in 2-4 months it will be possible for everybody to buy shares to support the development of this technology and control it (therefore preventing it from disappearing for random reasons).

- Old cells had a 2x-4x energy gain, but self-sustaining periods made the total balance actually higher. One of Piantelli's aims for new cells will be self-sustaining stability. More precise and accurate info on energy excess will be disclosed at a later time.

- Piantelli doesn't use catalysts, at least in the term's literal meaning. His technology is based mainly on nickel preparation, i.e. powder geometry/size and deposition size (in a multilayered manner). It isn't known yet if the nickel he uses is doped/enriched.


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