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Roy Virgilio (a close source to the Piantelli group who often posted reliable news on their ongoing work) wrote a post today in the italian Energeticambient forum that might interest Rossi followers as well. I will translate it below:

Hello. I'd like to share some bitterness... not to pass it to [the readers], 
but to make it disappear. The recent happenings related to Rossi's cell are 
bringing more and more skepticism among american circles. It seems that NASA 
gave an ultimatum to Rossi for the verification of his apparatus on September 
22. Furthermore, several other bodies are starting to take more and more 
distance from this experiment. The bad thing is that important agreements with 
Piantelli come from these circles and there is a concrete risk that both [Rossi 
and Piantelli] will be put in the same basket and that the stillborn agreement 
that would help bringing fundamental results really quickly [to Piantelli] will 
be interrupted. In other words, this period is very delicate. Put your 
energies, in any possible way you can, into making sure this matter won't stop 
[for trivial reasons]. Roy.

(Original link in italian: http://goo.gl/3cSMV )


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