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> Its not like Jed to miss something like that.  I sense a Disturbance in
> The Force.

Okay, I admit, I wasn't paying close attention to the video. I find it

I am updating all of the ICCF3 Abstracts, which is tedious. Another reason
I am irritated. I just finished though. Thank goodness.

There is some sloppy papers in these proceedings. Very poor English.
Handwritten corrections. But there is also interesting stuff I forgot
about, such as this from Johnson-Matthey:

Coupland, D.R., et al. *Some Observations Related to the Presence of
Hydrogen and Deuterium in Palladium*. in *Third International Conference on
Cold Fusion, "Frontiers of Cold Fusion"*. 1992. Nagoya Japan: Universal
Academy Press, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.



"Surface and bulk analytical work carried out on palladium rod samples
returned to Johnson Matthey by Fleischmann and Pons indicates that a number
of elements, including platinum and lithium were deposited on the surface
during electrolysis in D2O. Surface analysis via time of flight
SIMS indicates that the Li6/Li7 isotope ratio is unusually low but no
original reference is available."

J-M did all of the material science and post-experiment analysis when F&P
were in France. That is one of the reasons the program came to no good
ends. I do not think J-M ever published their results again. What a shame.

- Jed

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