I've been boning up on Eugene Podkletnov's work and have 
come across two rather interesting audio files of Tim 
Ventura's interviews with EP.


It seems to me that EP's work has all the hallmarks of 
the Hutchison-Shoulders phenomena such as high voltage 
pulse, etc. In my view, the gravitational bit is an 
enormous red herring which only going to distract people 
from the recognition that this is a longitudinal nano-
pulse at the magnetic scale of the Beta-atmosphere. 

One very interesting thing in the second of the interviews.....


was the statement (at 18min 50sec).....

    ".....and also we tried to measure the propagation 
    speed of the impulse and we are very cautious about 
    it because we don't want to frighten the scientific 
    community and also we want to be absolutely sure 
    that the results...[unintelligible]...several tons 
    of times but it seems that based on what we have 
    now - and already we are working for a year and a 
    half - that the speed of the impulse is much higher 
    than the speed of light - and with the parameters 
    that we have now with at present in meters (?) and 
    with voltage of three and five million volts the 
    speed is about 63 to 64c which means that the 
    propagation speed of the impulse is close to 64 
    times the speed of light....."

I like the "we don't want to frighten the scientific 
community" bit. He'll do more than frighten them. 
He'll send them positively ballistic. 8-) 
All the more so being a chemist - Shades of P&F.

I find EP's result entirely plausible. It fits in with 
that article I read aeons ago about a magnetic pulse 
exceeding c.

In fact it seems to me that with electricity and 
magnetism we are dealing with two quite separate phases 
of the Beta-atmosphere - but since I am now talking 
about two phases it might be more appropriate to use 
the more general term, the Beta-aether.

There is the low pressure electric phase and the high 
pressure magnetic phase. EM radiation is the 
interaction between the two phases (cf. the air and 
the sea). In other words it is the propagation of 
energy along the phase boundaries. The transverse 
nature of EM radiation now makes much more sense.

Let's hope EP soon forgets about anti-gravity and 
refines his experimental data on faster than light 


Frank Grimer

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