In the history of this exploration some false flags were presented in that the 
information deciphered in three voltage meter triangulations obtained from 
three phase sources as to summations of phase angles were incorrect.  In my 
early espousement of the communist electrical circuit I came to entirely 
erroneous conclusions concerning what was going on with this process. And 
chiefly at this time period from 3 years ago seemingly more prosperous 
secondary projects using high induction coils were in play. Problematic with 
this secondary research was the fact that the  secondaries  being used gave 
entirely different results according to their own respective winding 
geometries. Essentially a lot of stuff was skipped over to explore other more 
productive areas and now again returned to. In reviewing some of the few videos 
I made of the effect I was able to essentially measure the  voltage contraction 
of time of the source as a paradox of time itself whereby the measurements of 
time between events sums to 340 degrees around the circle instead of 360 
degrees and therefore has a 3D cone shaped topology for its vector conclusions. 
Here one of the early demonstrations was using a 20 volt three phase alternator 
to input 180 volts to a light bulb, using only a 4/1 step up 
transformer.Communist Electrical Circuit in first power demonstrations. 
Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012 watt bulb demo from 
"reaction-less" lenz law air core secondaries. More power is passed through the 
air then the equivalent line connections would deliver. That is because those 
"input three phase line connections" are only some 20 volts from the alternator 
source, and only ferromagnetically amplified using a 4/1 step up transformer 
that would theoretically step up the voltage four times from a single phase 
source yielding 80 volts. And that 80 volts as a supply would drop as the light 
bulb load was applied. Here the communist electrical circuit that seemingly 
adds the sources tripartide three fold division in time voltages out of time 
back into time whereby the triple seriesed voltage output would be 20*3 = 60 
(58 in the video)times a intervening 4/1 step up transformer would 
theoretically yield 240 volts open circuit. Here the interphasal communist 
secondary derivation yields 225 volts which drops to 180 volts in bulb load 
application. More importantly is the observation that in the ferromagnetic 
system, adding the load will drop the input voltage but here adding the load 
can measure the amount of "time" compression made from the primary 3 phase 
magnetic source of emf being combined repulsively and resonated; then this 
somewhat explains the appearance of "time expanded" secondary outputs as a 
vortexian balance. What this means is that when we analyse  a bonafide 3 phase 
overunity circuit as shown 
here: crack the nut shell 
of how and why this is happening where three .7 volt signals are being summed 
in series to 2.7 volts we may conclude almost a "25% time expansion" being 
shown in the unobvious series voltage output; what this might imply is that a 
"measurable" 6 voltage meter triangulation of that primary magnetic field 
source will in turn show a "25% time compression" on its sources. As I like to 
say, only time will tell if this is true, and now shows the proper avenue of 
exploration to continue here with possible measurements. I will shortly be 
showing my phase angle measurements of this light bulb video, taken directly 
from the video itself where I asserted over three years ago that a 345 degree 
or so time compression can be taken from the data shown in the video 
itself.Sincerely Harvey D NorrisPS; I need a unsubscribe/ subscribe 
instructions for vortex list so that I may start receive mailings from vortex 
list from anyone replying to the above thread.Pioneering the Applications of 
Interphasal Resonances

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