the story behind free pdfs of 34 cold fusion papers in Current Science
104(4) 574-7, 2015.02.25: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax: Rich Murray 2015.02.24

Replicable cold fusion experiment: heat/helium ratio, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax,
Current Science 104(4) 574-7, 2015.02.25 free pdfs of 34 papers: Rich
Murray 2015.02.24

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The entire journal:

The special section alone, 34 papers:

And, of course, my paper: "Replicable cold fusion experiment:
heat/helium ratio"

All the papers in that section may be discussed on Wikversity:

Some general information about this.
Current Science is a multidisciplinary journal established in 1932,
published by the Current Science Association in collaboration with the
Indian Academy of Sciences.


Last year, the editors of the section solicited papers from
researchers in the field of LENR.
These papers went through two reviews, first by the special section editors
and then, if the editors decided to forward the paper, by a normal peer
assigned by Current Science.

The anonymous reviewer of my paper was familiar with physics and not with
cold fusion, and was skeptical at first.
Yes, I modified my paper extensively in response to his critique and it is,
no doubt,
better for it.
Apparently, he was convinced, he gave a glowing recommendation for

There are some very good papers in this collection, and others that are
brief reports on activity in various nations or organizations.

I specially recommend McKubre's paper,
"Cold fusion: comments on the state of scientific proof"

But there are *many* excellent papers.

One might notice that we are not being shy about using the term "cold
fusion."  Times change.

It's fusion, get over it.

("Fusion" is a result, not a mechanism. The mechanism is a mystery.)

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