a)investigative journaism is analogous to bravos- paid killers; our friend
Steve Krivit is quite efficient in it , Gary Wright is  very hard working;

b) the passive and inactive behavior of the 4 Swedish scientists is perhaps
not the most rational- it is quite a complicity of the victims have they
helped Parkhomov? Where is their much expected additional report? They knew
well what they risk supporting Rossi.

c) the great action of replicating Lugano Parkhomov is still not really
started- and must be massive. Just for example why are the Lugano testers
noy participating? Are they not free to do what they must do?
Surely you are exposed to risks too but you are counterattacking- the
unique solution.

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:09 AM, Lewan Mats <> wrote:

>  The scientific news team at Swedish National Radio, SR, received a
> honorary mention a few days ago at the Swedish Rewards for investigative
> journalism, The Golden Spade, for its four part reportage on Swedish
> researchers' (those who made the Lugano measurements) collaboration with
> the "fraudster" Andrea Rossi (and where also I was a main target).
>  It will take som time and impressive proof before any other Swedish
> media will dare to touch the topic.
>  This was my comment on the reportage when it was broadcasted (before the
> Lugano report):
>  Mats

Dr. Peter Gluck
Cluj, Romania

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