I second Bob Higgins comment.  

If you are at ICCF-19, I hope to shake your hand.

I once was a reporter of sorts and ran into problems with folks that did not 
like to hear the reality of things around them, nor its distribution to a large 
audience.  Such wide spread knowledge of reality jeopardized their "goose that 
laid golden eggs". 

Bob Cook
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  Mats, you are a brave and insightful journalist.  I believe you will one day 
be rewarded for capturing the birth of a critical new technology for the future 
of our planet and its people.  

  [If not, you will still have gained the experiences needed to become a blues 

  Bob Higgins

  On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 2:09 AM, Lewan Mats <> wrote:

    The scientific news team at Swedish National Radio, SR, received a honorary 
mention a few days ago at the Swedish Rewards for investigative journalism, The 
Golden Spade, for its four part reportage on Swedish researchers' (those who 
made the Lugano measurements) collaboration with the "fraudster" Andrea Rossi 
(and where also I was a main target).

    It will take som time and impressive proof before any other Swedish media 
will dare to touch the topic. 

    This was my comment on the reportage when it was broadcasted (before the 
Lugano report):


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