The world’s foremost expert on Rydberg matter is Lief Holmlid. He is a top
ranked professional scientist but like other world class scientists(Nobel
laureate Brian Josephson in quantum physics, Nobel laureate Julian
Schwinger in field theory physics) his life's work spinning many years is
largely ignored since Rydberg matter is a pivotal component of hydrogen
based LENR.

Lief Holmlid has discovered the production of many billions of
deuterium/deuterium fusion events activated by a single laser shot that
excites a potassium based catalyst that produces Rydberg hydrogen matter.

Holmlid has also detected the production of an array of subatomic particles
including muons that emanate from Rydberg hydrogen matter when it is
exposed to excitation by both laser and ordinary room lighting. This
experimental observation provides an alternative explanation to replace low
energy neutron production theory for the generation of the LENR fusion

In a recent experiment, Holhlid detected a huge flux of high energy neutral
particles that were produced by the laser induced DD fusion reaction. These
particles were determined experimentally to be fragments of the Rydberg
hydrogen matter that carry away the kinetic energy produced by DD fusion.

The Holhlid DD fusion experiment is an alternative explanation and a
replacement for the ultra low energy postulate that is the central LENR
mechanism in W-L theory.

Furthermore in the context of exploding wires, Ken Shoulders identified
both a Bright Mode and a Dark Mode EV that is produced by the formation
through condinsation of metal plasma excited by the heat of the electric
arc explosion. As a result of recent Nanoplasmonic research, these EVs are
more properly interpreted as Dark and Bright Mode surface plasmon
polaritons(SPP). The SPP is always produced by Nanoplasmonic reactions
involving nanoparticles such as those formed through Rydberg Matter

Lewis Larsen co-father of the W-L theory should look closely at the
experiments of Lief Holhlid and adjust his theory accordingly. As explained
here previously, the weak force cannot produce neutrons as postulated by
W-L theory. As a valid alternative, muon production is currently an
experimentally verified mechanism that could produce muon catalyzed DD

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