Excellent hypothesis Bob. This is a million times more likely to have happened 
than the deception which Rossi is trying to push over on the patent office.


My prediction is that the Lugano episode, which is little more than sham PR 
event, masquerading as science - will cost Rossi, Leonardo an IH the entirety 
of their IP portfolio protection related to LENR.



From: Bob Higgins 


Ø  Yes, my hypothesis is that the reactor tube was not empty when given to the 
Lugano team to test - it had been pre-loaded with 62Ni.  They did their dummy 
tests with the inert 62Ni by itself (and no H2).  When it came time for Rossi 
to add the "fuel" powder, a sample of what he was putting in was taken for 
analysis as the "fuel".  But, what Rossi put in was not the whole fuel - only 
some LAH and some natural Ni to obscure the analysis.  When the ash was 
analyzed, it was a mix of a large amount of 62Ni pre-loaded + a smaller amount 
of natural Ni loaded as powder by Rossi after the dummy test.  In the ash 
analysis, there was still 0.3% of 58Ni, probably from the free "fuel" powder he 
added after the dummy test.  However, in my hypothesis, the ash particles 
tested were mostly comprised of the original 62Ni that was pre-loaded into the 
reactor with a small amount of Ni that was added when Rossi added the powder 




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