I think I haven't seen a screenshot of someone receiving an email yet..

Also, no info about shipping from ADGEX ELFE orders either.

On 11 December 2015 at 11:26, Marcus Winckers <marcki...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Morning Esa,
> Did you hear from others that they ordered or received an invoice?
> I got my emails from them to wait for further instructions, but heard
> nothing since Monday.
> Marcus
> Op 9 dec. 2015 07:06 schreef "Esa Ruoho" <esaru...@gmail.com>:
> Hi Marcus! Sure!
>> I know at least two organizations who are going to purchase one. One is
>> in Australia, and another is in Finland. The Finns have a crowdfund
>> project.
>> https://mesenaatti.me/en/steornin-ikiliikkujatekniikan-tutkimusprojekti/
>> <-
>> I'm trying to get in to record the electromagnetic fields + activities of
>> both of the devices, the Ocube and the Ophone. I hope they'll sound juicy
>> enough to be made electronic music out of.
>> On 2 December 2015 at 16:14, Marcus Winckers <marcki...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hey Esa,
>>> I see  that you, like me, are interested in the Cube.  I  am planning on
>>> buying one  later in the day if possible. My christmass present for
>>> myself.  Shall we keep in touch and exchange thoughts and experiences?
>>> Marcus Winckers
>>> Utrecht
>>> Netherlands.
>>> Op 29 okt. 2015 07:38 schreef "Esa Ruoho" <esaru...@gmail.com>:
>>> If you guys like the internets more, the transcript is mirrored here:
>>>> http://freeenergy.news/steorn/steorn-o-cube-webinar-full-transcript/
>>>> On 29 October 2015 at 02:17, Esa Ruoho <esaru...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Hi, here's my transcript of the Orbo Steorn Webinar broadcast on the
>>>>> 28th October 2015.
>>>>> If you use any of it, please credit accordingly.
>>>>> the video is at http://orbo.com/
>>>>> --
>>>>> Pat: Welcome to the Orbo Webinar. We're here today to introduce you to
>>>>> the first Orbo product, the O-Cube. Orbo is a highly controversial
>>>>> technology ... (Shaun places the O-Cube on the table) ..and we're going to
>>>>> demonstrate the functionality of the O-Cube. Before we do that, however, 
>>>>> we
>>>>> want to just give you a brief flavour of who we are and the journey that
>>>>> we've taken over the last fifteen years.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> Shaun: So, twelve and a half years ago, yeah? Tell me, how on earth,
>>>>> you got into this crazy company.
>>>>> Pat: The beginning's actually going back fourteen years ago, because,
>>>>> what happened was, in 2001, I was looking to evaluate a particular piece 
>>>>> of
>>>>> technology, nothing to do with Steorn.. And, I didn't know how to evaluate
>>>>> it, and I made a number of calls, and I was put in contact with 
>>>>> yourselves.
>>>>> So, I met Mike and yourself in 2001 and you looked at the proposition, the
>>>>> technology we're looking at, and you evaluated it and you said look,
>>>>> listen, this is not, you know, something to look at.. so, that was the way
>>>>> it was left. And, I went to meet you then in April 2004 and the purpose of
>>>>> that conversation was.. ahm..
>>>>> Shaun: "Where's me fucking money" (laughs)
>>>>> Pat: Well, it wasn't, it wasn't even at that, because I knew, like,
>>>>> the proposition for what is.. But the point you were putting to me, was 
>>>>> you
>>>>> said, "Look, we're looking for a venture capital..".. you said to me, 
>>>>> first
>>>>> of all, you said to me, "I'm looking for a VC company", and what I did
>>>>> was.. I.. The first thing I did probably before I even looked beyond them
>>>>> was, I got a friend of mine who's a, you know, he's an engineer and I got
>>>>> him to go in and spend some time with yourself and Mike and to evaluate
>>>>> what it was. And.. I can remember walking out of Fumberly Court as it was
>>>>> on a Friday afternoon and.. the two of yous were walking along side by
>>>>> side.. I said "What you think?" and he just said "Can I invest?". And it
>>>>> was, it was kind of like that, and I said "Are you serious?" and he said,
>>>>> "Pat, If this is right" he said, "This is gonna to be very very serious."
>>>>> ----
>>>>> Mike: So Shaun, looking a bit tired.. Understandable. Ten years
>>>>> defending your claims and yourself. Ahm, give us a little bit of 
>>>>> background
>>>>> about Steorn, for a bit, new people tuning in today.
>>>>> Shaun: Steorn was a company that you and me founded, Mike. Back in
>>>>> 2000, and we started doing project management.. We were in the world of
>>>>> fruit, a lot of bananas. And then we started developing technology for
>>>>> others, as you know, that's when we developed forensic systems for
>>>>> companies like Microsoft and credit card companies, and we did expert
>>>>> witnessing, in, fraud..
>>>>> Mike: (interrupts) So you get on..
>>>>> Shaun: And then one day..
>>>>> Mike: (interrupts) And then one day you're sitting there at your desk,
>>>>> magnets spinning around, and you decide: "I need an ad in the Economist".
>>>>> Shaun: One day we made a discovery, whatever you gonna call it, a
>>>>> mistake, depending on where you sit, where we went, yeah, look..
>>>>> We can get more energy out of these bizarre magnetic fields than we're
>>>>> putting in, isn't that really cool? And wouldn't it be great to build
>>>>> something that uses this, put it in the market, and hopefully make a lot 
>>>>> of
>>>>> money.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> Alex?: When I saw yous guys coming in, and meeting up after work, I
>>>>> realized that yous were doing a lot of brainstorming, and once I, you 
>>>>> know,
>>>>> I didn't really know much about it, because I kept hearing the name 
>>>>> Steorn,
>>>>> and I didn't really know how to pronounce it or anything like that, but I
>>>>> realized that yous were doing some interesting stuff, but it's been
>>>>> enjoyable seeing the progression over the years, and, you know, we're
>>>>> really, really really interested in what's going on, ahm, you know..
>>>>> Shaun: And you.. You see all the lads from Steorn, outside and about,
>>>>> in and out of there, these lads that just (heard) about every provocation
>>>>> and word and insult in the world, they're called conman, scam-artist, and
>>>>> so on, you've seen them at their most vulnerable. Honestly what do you
>>>>> think of them?
>>>>> Alex?:  I've never seen them worry, I've never seen them. I like them,
>>>>> genuinely like, I know yous all, right down to Max, I've played poker with
>>>>> so many of yous, we've shared so many late nights, and I remember telling
>>>>> my friends, you know, we're also in business, and I said, this guy doing
>>>>> mad stuff with magnets, like, you know, and yeah.. Yous are operating in,
>>>>> you know, this crazy environment, and, when we, you know, when we
>>>>> eventually -- when you actually turned around and said that we could have
>>>>> one of these boxes in the pub for a while, I mean, I was just cackahoop
>>>>> when I saw.. When I heard that, and I mean, you know, not.. Partly I was
>>>>> wondering what the hell it is, but the other part of it is just really
>>>>> really interested at being involved with something so revolutionary..
>>>>> --
>>>>> Shaun: Ok, Pat, so, you have hustled twenty odd million, and went to
>>>>> private investors around Ireland, and that started twelve years ago, yeah?
>>>>> In that twelve years the company has failed, and failed again, and failed
>>>>> again and failed again. And Pat Corbett has raised money again, raised
>>>>> money again and raised money again. What the fuck?
>>>>> Pat: (pause) Ahm, see that's that word, failure, you see. Look.. You
>>>>> know.. We haven't..
>>>>> Shaun: Failed. Failed with the jury, failed with the London demo,
>>>>> failed to ever show anything convincing to anybody, failed to put a 
>>>>> product
>>>>> in the market. Twelve years of failure, Pat's driving around the country,
>>>>> taking money from people.
>>>>> Pat: Yeah, as it was, if you look at it like that, if you're looking
>>>>> at it from the outside in, Shaun, that's that's, that's what it is, it's
>>>>> failure, you know. People, you know, and.. And right now, you know (what) 
>>>>> I
>>>>> mean, and over the years, there is that, there's a huge level of fear and
>>>>> nervousness among the shareholders.
>>>>> Shaun: How does Pat know, Corbett know that it'll work?
>>>>> Pat: (pause) Pat Corbett has always known that it works.
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) No no, how does Pat Corbett know that the
>>>>> Powercube will work?
>>>>> Pat: (pause) The only reason Pat can say based on..
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) a great pause, that's - fucking aye, that was the
>>>>> money shot.. go-on (laughs)
>>>>> Pat: The only way Pat.. Pat has had one of the, one of the original
>>>>> Powercubes that he had basically going around in his car for a month..
>>>>> Shaun: Okay.
>>>>> Pat: Now, that worked for a month, that shouldn't happen. That did
>>>>> work.
>>>>> Shaun: Okay.
>>>>> Pat: So, like, in other words, all I can do, Shaun, is, as, all I can
>>>>> do, is say, alright, give the benefit of my knowledge and experience. I'm
>>>>> not a scientist, I'm never, like, I'm not an engineer.
>>>>> Shaun: For twenty odd million, yeah, where's it gone?
>>>>> Pat:  The money has gone, in.. it's twelve years, so, like if you
>>>>> said, to run a business over twelve years, you know, that cost money, like
>>>>> we've spent a lot of money on equipment, we've spent a lot of money on
>>>>> papers, we've spent a lot of money on staff.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Shaun: Let's say it all falls flat on it's face. If technology works,
>>>>> doesn't work, the whole thing goes wallop. Yeah?
>>>>> Pat: Yeah.
>>>>> Shaun: K? Where's Pat Corbett - where's Pat Corbett when he looks at
>>>>> his fucking two kids and his wife, and he goes, "I just wasted twelve 
>>>>> years
>>>>> of my life, destroyed my reputation".. Where's Pat then?
>>>>> Pat: Ahm. It's not something I've actually thought about..
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) I'm asking you though.
>>>>> Pat: Yeah. The most important thing in my life is how my wife looks at
>>>>> me and how my two kids look at me.
>>>>> Shaun: Yep.
>>>>> Pat: That's it.
>>>>> Shaun: And if this goes tits up?
>>>>> Pat: Ahm.. (prolonged pause) The reason I feel like this..
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) Leave it.. No, don't..
>>>>> Pat: (interrupts) No, no, this is relevant.. We're not leaving it.
>>>>> (pause) That emotion (pause) is to do with my wife and my kids.
>>>>> Shaun: Yep.
>>>>> Pat: It's nothing to do with this gone tits up. Ok? So. (inhales) Let
>>>>> me clarify that. Ok? Now. I can't tell you in a way that you will
>>>>> understand that I know this thing is not going to go belly up. I can't 
>>>>> tell
>>>>> anybody, like, look, if somebody's looking at this, and they're saying,
>>>>> right. I'm just a person on the other end of the screen. And.. To sound
>>>>> like anything, you know, if you say somebody'll see this thing about you
>>>>> know, saying something,  When you look, you know, and like.. All they're
>>>>> saying about everybody is that, the Henry Ford, Henry Ford said, you know 
>>>>> I
>>>>> want the v8, they said, can't be done. Steorn, you know, creating a 
>>>>> battery
>>>>> to recharge itself, can't be done. Okay? So, that's what people's.. But
>>>>> actually, I know, and that's what it is, Shaun, I know. And the very thing
>>>>> about all of the years, and let's forget about Shaun McCarthy for a 
>>>>> second,
>>>>> and forget Mike Daily for a second. In all the years that basically I've
>>>>> been with Steorn, every single scientist or technologist that came in, 
>>>>> into
>>>>> us, the first thing, what do I do? I build a relationship with them. 
>>>>> That's
>>>>> it. You remember, d'you know, what you call it, two boys came in,
>>>>> represented the company from the Middle East, let's say, they came in, and
>>>>> they said, "But this works!" Well, of course it does, what did you think
>>>>> we'd do? Bring yous across for the day off, d'you know what I mean? So the
>>>>> thing about it, Shaun, is.. There's a question here, does it work? Yes it
>>>>> does work, you know. I think the real question is: can we turn this into
>>>>> something?
>>>>> Shaun: Yeah.
>>>>> Pat: That's the real question. But.. From the point of view of..
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) D'you ever quit? D'you ever give up on this.
>>>>> Pat: No, I won't. Because..
>>>>> Shaun: (interrupts) Is there more fight left in you.. Twelve fucking
>>>>> years is a long time, any more fight left in Pat Corbett?
>>>>> Pat: Listen, my fight hasn't begun yet. I haven't started yet. Because
>>>>> this is not.. We've, we haven't had to fight (yet), we've only had to get
>>>>> over the first hurdle. This'll be the first hurdle. Look man, the fight
>>>>> hasn't started yet, when the fight does.. that's why.. As I'm saying to
>>>>> you, it hasn't begun yet.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> ?: I believe you had a t-shirt before, posted before, went something
>>>>> like CEO vs COE.
>>>>> Shaun: Mm-hmm.
>>>>> ?: Ahm, I think the score at the moment is 5-0 in favour of COE. D'you
>>>>> believe the CEO's going to win out this time?
>>>>> Shaun: I'm a Birminham fan. A 5-1 result is..
>>>>> ?: So you're used to losing.
>>>>> Shaun: 5-1 result is considered a win. No. I, the truth of it is,
>>>>> yeah, in the promoting something that blatantly looks like horse-shit, is
>>>>> that you're going to get kicked around a lot. But, here's the other side 
>>>>> of
>>>>> that coin: You only have to win once. And, yeah, well we've had obvious
>>>>> public failures and we've had obvious public disinterest in some of the
>>>>> stuff that we've done. I only have to win once. I can lose a hundred 
>>>>> times,
>>>>> and win once. When I win once, we win.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> Shaun: Ok, so what we're going to do now is discuss the actual product
>>>>> itself, this is what we call the O-Cube The O-Cube is a very simple 
>>>>> device,
>>>>> it's a power-brick or a power-cube that has one single USB output. USB
>>>>> output is 2.1Amps, so it can charge tablets as well as smart-phones and
>>>>> other devices. In terms of the components inside, there's really only 
>>>>> three
>>>>> things. There's a standard USB PCB interface electronics, there's a
>>>>> Lithium-Ion battery and then there's the Orbo powerpack.
>>>>> Shaun: And how it actually works is very very simple. When you plug a
>>>>> device into this, what you're doing is draining the energy in the
>>>>> Lithium-Ion battery. But the Orbo device, the Orbo device is constantly
>>>>> powering the battery, so there can be situations where you draw and
>>>>> completely drain the Lithium-Ion battery, but what will happen is that 
>>>>> over
>>>>> time, that the Orbo device itself will recharge the battery.
>>>>> In terms of power output, you're looking at approximately two full
>>>>> smart-phone charges in the 24 hour period. (The O-Girl appears) Pat now
>>>>> will discuss the sales buys and terms of conditions, thank you O-Girl.
>>>>> Pat: The O-Cube goes on sale in December and is available only from
>>>>> Steorn. The cost price of this unit is 1200 euros, we're also offering a 
>>>>> 12
>>>>> month warranty return to base.
>>>>> Shaun: Ok, so, the way that we're demonstrating function here is that
>>>>> we're giving out the O-Cube to a variety of different people, and they 
>>>>> will
>>>>> be reporting back on their day-to-day use of it, at each of the subsequent
>>>>> webinars. Pat, maybe you can tell us a couple of the people who are 
>>>>> getting
>>>>> it, and obviously there'll be more, and, as the process goes on.
>>>>> Pat: Ok, the first of these companies is a company we've been working
>>>>> with for the last couple of months, a company called Rabbithole 
>>>>> Promotions.
>>>>> This company works in the area of guerrilla marketing, and, (they're) very
>>>>> edgy in their approach and it's, we think it's a perfect fit for us.
>>>>> Shaun: Yeah, we think (that) they're going to do some really
>>>>> interesting, and unusual things with the Powercube in terms of their own
>>>>> day-to-day market and stuff. But we'll let them report back in the
>>>>> next webinar.
>>>>> Pat: Second company is a clothing company, also a Dublin-based company
>>>>> called Brickbear. Ahm, same as, these guys are into some very different
>>>>> type of clothing, and, we think there's.. there's a very nice fix as
>>>>> regards what the Powercube can produce for them on a day-to-day basis.
>>>>> Shaun: And while we do have a business relationship obviously with
>>>>> Rabbithole and Brickbear, gone to (there) myself and Pat sizes, but..
>>>>> there's no actual formal relationship. One last thing that we should say 
>>>>> is
>>>>> that while the O-Cube is the first commercially available product with
>>>>> Orbo, there's a lot of stuff that's happening behind the scenes with
>>>>> respect to commercial licensing and what we're going to do is play you a
>>>>> quick video of the first.. an interview with the founder of the first
>>>>> commercial licensee of Orbo, and we'll let him speak for himself about his
>>>>> business, and what they're doing with Orbo.
>>>>> ----
>>>>> Liquid Solutions
>>>>> Killian McGrath (Founder): Liquid Solutions manufactures and
>>>>> distributes E-Juice products for the E-Cigarette industry. We manufacture
>>>>> them here in Waterford in our own facility, we do all the testing
>>>>> independently from outside the facility, and we produce a very high-grade
>>>>> product within this facility. We've the class to produce about a hundred
>>>>> thousand bottles a day, or five hundred thousand bottles a week, that's
>>>>> basically our production capacity. Yeah, the functions have gone really
>>>>> crazy, like when we started out first, we would've started out with a 650
>>>>> milliamp battery. You know, a user would use that, in a day, you know and
>>>>> they would charge it again and they'd use it all over again the next day.
>>>>> They'd be using a head that would burn about one point six mills of juice 
>>>>> a
>>>>> day. Now, four years forward, they're using heads that have 3 and 4 coils
>>>>> inside (of) them, they would burn four or five times juice with less
>>>>> nicotine, so, that's.. the trend is going there with the big vaporus, is
>>>>> they want less nicotine, and more puff, ok, so we're now starting to
>>>>> manufacture three milligram juice, whereas before, the weakest we done was
>>>>> six. Ok, now, three is the highest in the dripping, because they're taking
>>>>> in so much liquid to produce so much vapour, ok, they're still getting the
>>>>> amount of nicotine that they need, but they're burning about four times
>>>>> more juice.
>>>>> Well, you have, I suppose everybody and their mother after you really,
>>>>> if you think about it, because you know, the three big gorillas inside,
>>>>> you've got the tobacco companies we're doing a lot of damage to them. The
>>>>> E-Cig is doing so much damage to them now they wanna come in and take it
>>>>> over. Then you have the pharmaceutical guys, OK, the guys that are sitting
>>>>> in the background, they're like the little snipers, you know, they're
>>>>> pushing off press-releases, they're pushing out this just to discredit the
>>>>> product, why? Because nobody is buying patches, nobody's buying chewing
>>>>> gum, nobody is buying champax(?), OK, they've lost a whole industry, this
>>>>> product is taking over their industry, OK?
>>>>> Then you have the government side of it, the government is losing a
>>>>> lot of money from it, on the short side, because on the short side, 
>>>>> they're
>>>>> losing revenue from taxes immediately, but on the long side, they would 
>>>>> see
>>>>> the benefits of that in five or ten years, because they'll have less
>>>>> serious, I suppose carcinogenic-associated health problems, moving forward
>>>>> with the population. They will have less respiratory problems, because
>>>>> cigarettes are a huge cause of respiratory problems, in especially
>>>>> overweight people, and, people that are getting older in age. So the whole
>>>>> idea is that the British medical organization came out only a month ago 
>>>>> and
>>>>> they said that if everybody in the UK gave up cigarettes and went on to
>>>>> electronic cigarettes, they would save 80,000 lives a year.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Liquid Solutions & Orbo
>>>>> Killian: In 2005 I would've went to a meeting in Steorn's offices in
>>>>> the Innovation Park in the Watlands(?) I would've sat down and listened to
>>>>> what the guys had found or were working on, and I would be that type of
>>>>> person, I would be very interested in stuff like that. New, something
>>>>> that's new, something that's cheeky and something that nobody else is 
>>>>> doing.
>>>>> So yeah, I fell in love with the product, with the technology, and,
>>>>> yeah, that was 2005. 2006 you were making waves and you were moving along,
>>>>> then we all know what happened in 2007 and 2008, we had the big crash.
>>>>> Shaun: Fucking great, wasn't it!
>>>>> Killian: Yeah that was brilliant. We all had fun there! And I suppose
>>>>> when I started this project, Shaun, when I started three and a half years
>>>>> ago with Wicked E-Juice and making the juices, and then I kind of got a
>>>>> brain-wave one day and I said "Hmm, maybe we can get a battery from Steorn
>>>>> that we don't need to charge". And that's what started this whole project.
>>>>> But they're looking at today, they've gone up to 3,5 thousand milliamp
>>>>> unit, with a .2 warm head(?), up to 50 watt, now 100 watt, I was in 
>>>>> England
>>>>> yesterday and I saw my first 300 watt battery (laughs), so, it's gone
>>>>> totally to the other side, it's gone to the total other extreme, whether
>>>>> that's going to stay going that way, or it's a fad and it'll eventually
>>>>> come back down to fairly standard products where you're using a 20 watt
>>>>> product or a 10 watt product which is roughly around 9 volts, 8 volts..
>>>>> Killian: Ahh.. No frustration. Little bit behind the times,  but you
>>>>> know, it's not a lollypop we're making here. You know what I mean? We're
>>>>> breaking new ground here. This has never ever been done before. You know,
>>>>> this is bigger than big, you know, this is bigger than the biggest thing
>>>>> that's going on in the world today, only for people don't know about us,
>>>>> and that's our job, our job is to get the products out there so people do
>>>>> know about us.
>>>>> We're Henry Ford with the Model T. That's where we are today. In ten
>>>>> years time, we may be Ferrari, you know, doing three hundred miles an 
>>>>> hour,
>>>>> instead of ten miles an hour. That's all engineering challenges. To come
>>>>> over the next ten years, but that's where this product is going to go. 
>>>>> This
>>>>> is only the beginning, we're only at the beginning, we're only scratching
>>>>> the surface where we are with this technology today. Where will we be in
>>>>> ten or thirty years of time..
>>>>> God only knows.
>>>>> ---
>>>>> Shaun: So, I wanna pretty much thank everybody for taking the time to
>>>>> watch this video, ahm, I know there's probably a lot in it, an awful lot 
>>>>> of
>>>>> questions that people about the technology, does it work, how it works, 
>>>>> and
>>>>> so on, let me be clear. We're not getting into any technical details at
>>>>> this stage.  But what we'll be doing is hearing from the guys who are 
>>>>> using
>>>>> it. The next webinar we'll announce the date of it, early next week, we'll
>>>>> also in the next webinar be showing you some of the other products that 
>>>>> are
>>>>> in the pipeline, we're showing some of the R&D stuff with respect to where
>>>>> does the Orbo battery go after the Powercube, and it will be obviously in
>>>>> mobile consumer electronics, so, all I'm saying, again, thanks very much
>>>>> from meself and Pat, we look forward to seeing you next time.
>>>>> --
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