Dr. Brian Ahern is no skeptic of  LENR. In fact he has verified Arata/Zhang
and reported anomalous thermal gain in several important experiments.
However, he sees Rossi as fraud, who is on the verge of being abandoned by
his backer, Industrial Heat - due to a dishonest report which they cannot
get behind. 
Here is Ahern's open letter:
"Constantly performing a bad behavior and expecting a different outcome is
the definition of insanity.
The LENR community must recall that Andrea Rossi is a well-practiced convict
plying his trade.  He has been claiming outputs one million-fold higher than
all other LENR efforts. Yet, after six years of such claims there has never
been an independent test. A big lie is easier to promote than a small one.
The Lugano test in 2014 was perhaps the best magic show of the 21st century.
Rossi convinced the Swedish scientists that thermocouples and water flow
calorimetry were unnecessary to verify his claims. Those scientists are
rightfully ashamed of themselves and have remained silent of the report.
They  should confess to temporary insanity. Or as a minimum they should
offer an explanation for why the wasted the funds provided by ELFORSK.
I predicted that the ERV would be a problem. Rossi admitted paying for this
INDEPENDENT TEST. Yet he will not divulge:
A. the ERV person
B. His location
C. His report
D. The customer
E. The E-Cat location
F. Operational data
Hoping that he has not fooled us again is a pathetic emotional response to
the great impresario. The hopeful LENR folks are enabling the bad behavior.
His suggestion of delaying the release until Stockholm is just another delay
tactic that he has employed artfully for the past six years."

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