This is another silly argument used by Rossi to cast himself as the
victim.  That patent was filed for on 2/20/15.  It took IH awhile to a)
figure out that the previous results were questionable, and b) attempt to
replicate with better methodology.  It also took time for the results of
other replicators to come in (with the results of expert scientists being
consistent with hobbyist replicators).  Of course we have a few tantalizing
results here and there that suggest either the results are in error or that
the effect is unpredictable and unreliable.

I would almost bet that Rossi pulled the "charges" from the plant when IH
said the test was over.  The end result is that no qualified scientists can
examine a "working" E-cat plant.  That way he can say something like, "It
was working and I was just getting ready to put in new charges, but here
comes the evil IH to shut down the test.  It was working well (just less
efficiently) before that!  Look, I worked 16 hours a day for the last month
compiling 12 volumes of how evil they are and I'm putting together a
blockbuster chronicle of how this company used me.  In the meantime, I'm
continuing with my heat, electricity, and propellant thrust making super
E-cat quarkX to be produced with a fully robotized plant in millions of
pieces per year, F8!"  Can people not see how ridiculous this has become?

Meanwhile, companies like Brillouin and Lenuco continue working in relative
silence to produce technology that may (we hope) actually work.  Hopefully,
IH will stay the course and continue investing in reputable companies as
they seem to be doing.


On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 7:41 AM Craig Haynie <>

> If Industrial Heat says that the reactor doesn't work, then why did they
> apply for a patent with Rossi's technology?
> Rossi is now saying that they have just applied for another one:
> "Today I have been informed that IH has again made another patent using
> my name as the inventor and my invention, to make a patent assigned to
> Industrial Heat, without my authorization."
> If they are patenting Rossi's intellectual property, which he sold to
> them in this deal which IH did not finalize, then this would explain why
> Rossi is suing, instead of just letting it go.
> Craig

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