Actually the cold fusion ‘spooky action at a distance’ effect is only 
apparently producing such spooky psycho effects on cold fusion denialists and 
pundits, the vast majority of the cold fusion experimentalists seem to be quite 
sane and fine.  So if you fancy yourself a cold fusion/lenr pundit either pro 
or con your admonition is especially important that you watch out for that 
voodoo that you do ;)


From: Axil Axil [] 
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 11:46 PM
To: vortex-l
Subject: [Vo]:Abnormal neurological symptoms related to your LENR experiments.


There have been at least three LENR developers who have noticed intense and 
widespread EMF interference generated from their experiments that in some cases 
have spanned a distance of influence of many tens of meters from the LENR 
reactor. All these LENR experimenters as well as myself all took this 
interference to be related to RF generation in the LENR reaction. But this 
assumption about RF might not be correct but instead be related to some form of 
sub-atomic particle generation via the LENR reaction.


This interference could have a disruptive effect on the body, especially, the 
electrical nature and workings of the brain and nervous system. This EMF 
interference has been near impossible to detect using RF meters or to shield 
against including the use of lead, iron, steel plate, electrically charged 
metal, mu metal and faraday screening. If the nature of this EMF interference 
can penetrate deeply and completely into the body and access all the electrical 
activity in the nerves cells throughout the body, unpredictable complications 
might be produced inside the body at a considerable distance from the LENR 
reactor and/or inactive stored used fuel. 


Different people might be more susceptible to this type of nerve activity 
interference than others based on the strength of the interference produced by 
any given reactor design. If you are a LENR experimenter, keep a lookout for 
abnormal neurological symptoms related to your LENR experiments.

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